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Load your lift access before you arrive at the resort - whether it's a Season Pass type or a new single-day ticket you're picking up - it's all the same reloadable RFID card

RFID Information

All guests will carry a new MYMW RFID chip-enabled card that will trigger and open one of the new access gates which will be located at each lower alpine lift. The Magic Carpets and Boomerang Chair will utilize hand-held scanners.

The MYMW Cards have a 5-year warranty and an expected lifespan of over 8-years; this means whether you are a Season Pass Member, or a multi/single day guest, you can reuse your card for the duration of its lifespan. The multi-year durability of the new RFID enabled cards will drastically reduce the environmental impact versus our old Season Passes and lift tickets.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device and consists of a small circuit integrated into your Season pass or ticket. When you pass through the lift line, this circuit will register and open an access gate automatically for a totally hands free, streamlined lift access.

MyMW Club Card

Lift Gate Secrets Revealed

Lift Gate Secrets: Revealed... ? Lift Ops Manager Jenn is sharing her tips and tricks so you can have a successful scan, every time. From our long-time pass holders to first-time ticket purchasers...get in the know so you're not the one holding up the lift lines! #mymw

1. Load your lift access before you arrive at the resort - whether it's a Season Pass type or a new single day ticket you're picking up - it's all the same reloadable RFID card. As we get closer to Family Day Weekend, it's even more important to plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

2. Store your reloadable card in a secure, zipped pocket on its own on your left-hand side. Your card must be stored solo - away from your cell phone, bank cards or aluminum products like gum packages.

3. You can only take one card through the lift access gates at a time. Keep your 6ixPak tickets separate.

4. If your card isn't scanning as it should, our Lifty's will send you to the scan box located outside our Season Pass office to further investigate the issue.

5. Enjoy a successful day of scanning and riding... Then reload day tickets to your card online again and again for each visit.

Instructional Video


RFID & Mt. Washington Season Pass Members

Season Passes now have a new look! The RFID enabled MyMW Card will open the new access gates to our Season Pass Members this winter! With the card's multi-year durability, your Season Pass is now conveniently re-loadable each year at

As always, your Season Pass is for personal use and non-transferable. Your photo will be displayed to our lift attendants each time you access a chairlift or magic carpet.



Keep your new MYMW Club Card in a secure, left-hand zipped pocket on its own.

Please note: Guests can only take one card through the lift access gates per day. Do not have more than one ticket on you at a time.

The card must be separate from cell phones, bank cards and any aluminium products like foil gum packaging.

MYMW Club Cards can be purchased through or on-mountain at the Alpine Lodge.

Guests must have a ticket on them before accessing any lifts.

One-ups will no longer be available.

Do not punch your card; this will cause damage to the chip rendering your card inactive.

Damaged or lost cards are subject to a $20 replacement fee. The 5-year warranty covers any defects the card may have in the first 5-years of use.

Mount Washington Alpine Resort Skiing British Columbia

Thanks for a great summer of biking, hiking and ziplining together! Mount Washington Alpine Resort is now closed for the season. Crews are actively working with machinery on hill and the public is not permitted to access any mountain property. Winter Opening Day is planned for Friday, December 9th: More info

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