Add Ski Days to your RFID Cards

Reload Your MyMW Club Card
Please follow these steps to reload all RFID cards. Your WTP reload number is located on the back of your card below the liability disclaimer.
  1. You must start each pass purchase individually by entering the RFID card number on this webpage
  2. Enter the number in as printed. Example: XXXXXXXX-XXX-XXX
  3. Select Pass type required
  4. To reload multiple passes you will need to duplicate this process for each pass holder.
  5. Family passes are available for Gold or Alpine season passes with a direct familial link you qualify for an additional 10% discount on your season pass purchase. May not be combined with Nordic passes.

Having Troubles?

If you have items in your cart clear the cart and start over. When doing reloads the cart must be empty and you must start with entering the WTP number. You can not add the WTP number to items after they've been added to the cart.

1) Go to the URL found on the card currently
2) Click "Reload MyMW RFID Card Here"
3) Enter the WTP card number off the back of the card and click "Lookup"
4) Navigate your way through the product selection and click "Add to Cart"
5) If loading more items or additional cards use the appropriate button on the bottom of the cart
6) If required, Make sure all items in the cart have an associated guest by clicking any "ADD GUEST" buttons beside items in the cart and following the lookup/register process
7) Click "Proceed To Checkout"
8) Enter payment details
9) Click "Finalize Sale"

If any of the steps fail:
1)Re-enter numbers, emails, and passwords to make sure there are no typos.
2)Read the error messages. It may be verbose but there is often a simple, clear, error in among the technical jargon.
Some example errors:
Step 3 "Invalid Number" - The WTP number was entered incorrectly. Hyphens are required.
Step 3 "A valid card was not found" - The WTP number was entered incorrectly or the card they have wasn't activated properly by the Mtn and will need to be physically exchanged.
Step 6 "No matches found" - We could not find an online account for the guest. Check their email address for typos. Otherwise, you will need to register first.
Step 8 "Sorry, that information didn't match any records." - When entered a password incorrectly. If they have forgotten or don't know their password they need to use the "I forgot my password / I don't have a password" button.
Step 10 "card declined" - Their credit card was declined, the guest needs to contact their bank to figure out why. The guest can try to use a different card.

If you both run into the same problem as the guest, try again. Note the steps. This includes what was clicked on, or typed, and in what order. If it continues to fail in the same way at the same step then send the notes and details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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