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Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

Start Right - Professional Instruction

The best way to start, this program is an introduction to mountain biking and is suited to anyone looking to ride for the first time or just refine skills. Learn the fundamentals of mountain biking and gain the confidence to ride safely with a lesson. Our instructors will help you develop the skills, techniques, knowledge to ride and navigate the Mount Washington Bike Park.

Learn to Ride

Gear Up

Protect yourself from head to toe - Don't let weather, obstacles, or crashes put an early end to your day. Protect your body from a range of elements and injuries with these recommended protective gear designed exclusively for downhill mountain biking.
Helmet (Mandatory) – A helmet is required for all riders in the bike park. We strongly recommend a full-face helmet to provide the greatest range of protection.
Goggles – Wrap-around goggles are the best choice for eye protection against dirt, branches, and other obstacles you'll encounter on the trails or in a crash.
Elbow and Knee Pads – Provide protection from cuts, scrapes, and any impact to these parts of your body that are most common to be injured in a crash.
Closed-Toe Shoes – Shoes with a durable toe box and high ankle support are important to manage the rough terrain and impact.
Long Sleeved Shirt and Shorts - Cover up with the proper clothing to limit the amount of bare skin showing.
Full Finger Gloves - Use these to keep your hands on your bars with secure grip on your brakes. Your hands are typically are first to support you in a crash so you want them covered up.
Body Armour - Optional for anyone who wants extra protection for your back and chest.
Bike Shop - Located in Outdoor Elements in the main Alpine Lodge, Outdoor Elements is the place to get suited up with the right protective equipment with your bike rental.
Bike Rentals & Repairs - Outdoor Elements is the place to get your rental bike or minor repairs locates in the main Alpine Lodge.

Bike Rentals

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

Rocky Mountain Bikes

Bike rentals, perfectly paired with our bike park trails. Full bike armour and helmets are also available for rent. If you require repairs we have pro mechanics to take care flats, brake adjustments and tuning.

Bike Rentals

Before You Ride

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

Ride Checklist

  • 1. Have you purchased your ticket?
  • 2. Are you familier with the bike park signage?
  • 3. Do you have hydration?
  • 4. Do you have a trail map?
  • 5. Do you have a mountain bike that is in good working order?
  • 6. Do you have protective gear?

Please note our bike carriers can only accommodate Mt bike Wheels 20 inches or larger

Outdoor Elements

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

Bike Rentals and Shopping

Outdoor Elements, our newly renovated retail space, will feature assorted summer products. The retail store offers the latest in outdoor bike apparel. Need goggles, gloves, sun glasses? The store also offers a large variety of small gifts, books, postcards and confectionery. Bike rentals, armour, and bike park tickets all in one convenient location.

Bike Rentals

Riding Tips

Cornering Tips

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

Proper cornering is a fundamental skill for any mountain bike riding area. Learning to stay in control while riding on a variety of trail types, from the smooth flat surface to built up berms. Learn to maintain speed while cornering will allow you to properly set up your next move on the trail.

Jumping Techniques

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

The feeling of a perfectly executed jump is unlike anything else. Knowing how to set up, get air and land safely on a bike is paramount. Jumps are all built with different skill levels and progression in mind. Look before you leap to get familiar with the take-offs and landings as each jump is unique.


Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

Most intermediate FreeRide and technical trails will feature small drops with ride around options, making these trails a great place to learn to drop. More advanced, expert trails will feature drops without the ride around options. Be aware look for signage and ride with care.

Body Position

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

A good body position will help you ride comfortably, safely and create confidence in your riding abilities. Learn to take the weight off your hands to decrease the tension on your upper body. This tension restricts the movement of the bike under you and prevents the ability to counteract unexpected trail obstacles. Dip your heels to force weight down through your legs and prevent this weight from being shifted forward.


Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

On more advanced and technical trails you will often find rock rolls, or rock faces. This can be naturally occurring features that have been build into our trail systems. Walk and inspect these before attempting to ride for the first time, start with shorter, smaller rolls before advancing in difficulty.

Technical Trails

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

Technical trails can be a fun challenge. While riding any technical trail be aware that unexpected objects are part of these trails and it is important to respect these trails and only ride trails within your skill level.

What Bike to Ride

Riding the Bike Park requires a different type of mountain bike than you might be used to. Mountain bikes with full suspension with the right geometry and components for downhill riding will make your day in the park safe and fun.

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

DH - Downhill – Downhill-specific bikes are intended for all levels of riders who want to enjoy the most out of the Bike Park. A full suspension, downhill-specific bike like the Rocky Mountain Maiden Park handles the Bike Park’s technical and free-ride terrain the best and is specifically designed for descending, not ascending. We recommend this type of bike for any level of rider in the bike park.

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

All MTN - All-Mountain – All-mountain bikes combine full suspension in the front and rear with a more upright design allowing riders to descent yet ascend when needed. At the minimum, bike park riders should have an all-mountain, full-suspension bike, similar to the Rocky Mountain Altitude 30, which is best suited for beginner and intermediate terrain only. Please note, uphill riding is not permitted in the bike park.

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride

CROSS COUNTRY - Cross-Country (Recommended for riding our XC Finger Trail) – Cross-country bikes generally have less suspension than most mountain bikes, making them ideal for pedaling long distances.Most XC bikes are hard-tail (no rear suspension) and not ideal or recommended for riding on our downhill trail network.

Riding Smart

Slow down before you speed up. Crashes can happen on your first lap. Ride the trail multiple times to get familiar with the features and equipment you're on so you can confidently push your limits without pushing your threshold. Jumping skills are required for FreeRide trails.

Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride Pre-RIDE - Warm up the brain and body and inspect the trail at low speed.
Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride Re-RIDE - Lap a trail a few times and get to know the flow of the features.
Mount Washington Bike Park Start Plan Your Ride Free-RIDE - Start small and work your way up to faster speeds and larger features.

Trail Types

Freeride trails are built by machines and contain man-made features including jumps, drops, gaps, wallrides, narrow surfaces, berms, and other natural or constructed features. Freeride trails are distinguished with an orange oval around the difficulty symbol.

BEGINNER beginner trail

  • Smooth, wide surfaces with gentle corners and rolling terrain.
  • Designed for new bike park riders.

INTERMEDIATE beginner trail

  • Smooth surfaces on steeper terrain, including larger corners, rollers, and small jumps.
  • Raised features like bridges and wallrides require jumping skills and speed.
  • Suited for riders who have mastered all beginner freeride trails.

ADVANCED beginner trail

  • Mix of smooth and rough riding surfaces on steep and fast grades.
  • Larger-man-made features including jumps, raised bridges, and steep wallrides.
  • Advanced jumping skills required.
  • Suited for riders who have mastered all intermediate freeride trails.

EXPERT beginner trail

  • Trails with steep terrain and very fast speeds that require expert jumping skills.
  • Mandatory jump features that require knowledge of gaps and landings.
  • Advanced jumping skills required.
  • Suited for the most advanced riders only.

Technical trails are designed to embrace the rugged shape and terrain of the mountain, utilizing a majority of natural terrain features. Trails are typically hand-built and feature organic obstacles and stunts such as rocks, roots, logs, drops, jumps, and other natural or constructed features that require technical riding skills. Technical trails are identified by just their difficulty symbol.

BEGINNER beginner trail

  • Rougher singletrack trails with small rocks and roots.
  • Designed for new bike park riders comfortable with beginner freeride trails.

INTERMEDIATE beginner trail

  • Rougher terrain with tighter corners and steeper grades.
  • Larger natural obstacles, including roots and rocks.
  • Suited for riders who have mastered all beginner trails.

ADVANCED beginner trail

  • Steep grades with large technical features, including rocks, roots, and drops.
  • Technical handling through tight trees and rough sections.
  • Suited for riders who have mastered all intermediate technical trails.

EXPERT ONLYbeginner trail

  • Steepest grades with the most technical features.
  • Warming up on intermediate and advanced trails encouraged.
  • Suited for the most advanced riders only.

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