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Bike trail conditions, trail detail, interactive map, including lift openings, closures and maintenance information are all available here.


The mountain is now closed Monday to Friday, open only on Saturdays and Sundays throughout September until October 1st. Join us for weekends in The Bike Park or ZipTour and Scenic Chair experiences while summer turns into fall. See hours of operation here.

Updated: 2023-09-27 - 21:32 PM

Alpine Cam

Nordic Cam

Tube Park Cam

Nordic Weather 1041m

9:29 PM - 2023-09-27

Temperature: 6°c

Wind Speed: 0km/hr

Wind Direction: W

Humidity: 100%

Alpine Lodge 1173m

9:29 PM - 2023-09-27

Temperature: 5°c

Wind Speed: 0km/hr

Wind Direction: SW

Humidity: 96%

Sunrise Chairlift 1475m

September 27 2023 09:15

Temperature: 0°c

Wind Speed: 7km/hr

Wind Direction: SW

Humidity: Unavailable%

Eagle Chairlift 1589m

9:25 PM - 2023-09-27

Average Wind Speed: 19.03 km/hr

Max. Wind Speed: 25.87 km/hr

Average Wind Direction: NW

SD Wind Direction: N

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