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Snow School and Daycare reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance and is based on availability.

If this email is about booking a Snow School lesson or program, please remember that sending this request does not confirm a lesson booking. You must speak directly with or have paid for your program in order to ensure booking.
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Adventure at any Age

Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? How it was a little scary, but really exciting? It required you to step out of your comfort zone to overcome an up-until-then lifelong challenge. Remember how once you were able to ride it; there was the feeling of balance and speed, the wind on your face, the freedom, and most importantly the joy? Remember going out for fun bike rides with your family and your friends? This is what skiing and snowboarding is like, but better. It’s an adventure! Once you get to the slopes, you’re in an other worldly place. A place covered in slippery white stuff where people of all ages and abilities can come to slide on it. Whether you’re alone, a couple on a date, with a group of friends, or a family, there’s something fun for everyone (because after all, it all boils down to fun.) If you’ve never tried it before, there are beginner lessons and rental packages available to make it super easy to get started. Once you get the hang of it – the “Aha!” moment – there’s the same feeling of accomplishment you felt so many years ago pedalling a bike for the first time.

It’s LOVE. For some people, skiing/snowboarding becomes one of those things that can’t be beat. The feeling of being in the mountains every winter feeds their souls. From school kids, to twenty year-old lift operators, to doctors and lawyers, to eighty-something seniors, there’s just something about sliding on snow that makes them ridiculously happy.

And then there’s the powder… Oh man, nothing on a bicycle can top the feeling of floating in knee deep fresh pow-pow. Get up here! It could be the passion that you’ve yet to discover.

- Mike Manara, Snow School Director


Adult Snow School Information

All our Adult group lessons, clinics, private lessons, and camps are located within this section.

Youth Snow School Information

All our Youth group lessons, clinics, private lessons, and camps are located within this section.

Children's Snow School Information

All our children's group lessons, clinics, private lessons, and camps are located within this section.

Tot's Snow School Information

All our tot's group lessons, clinics, private lessons, and camps are located within this section.


The Bear's Den Daycare is a supervised indoor playtime for children aged 18 months to 5 years old. Our daycare staff create a fun environment for your children.

Instructional Courses

Join us, Section 8, and Island Alpine Guides and as we partner together and help you achieve knowledge and experience on the snow.


Our dedicated staff work and train hard, as such we are home to a number of skilled skiing and riding professionals, some of which have been at the mountain for over 15 years! A number of our Pros hold the highest level of certification available in Canada. We utilize these staff to train and mentor our other pros, when they are not busy teaching lessons, to provide you with the best experience while in one of our programs. We look forward to seeing you this winter.

Home to Rossignol's Experience Centre

Rossignol features the best and newest rental gear that has built in technology, making skiing and boarding easier then ever before. The boots are form fitting and comfortable to put on and off. Its easy to get gliding down the mountain at Mount Washington!"

Rossignol at Mount Washington


The French company Rossignol is one of the oldest and largest ski companies in the world. Rossignol is constantly striving for new innovative designs to allow the skier performance with less effort. The legendary S7 is known throughout the skiing community as the big mountain powder ski that has set the bar at heli-skiing resorts worldwide. The Ladies S3 complements this and is our biggest selling ladies powder ski. Rossignol uses the “Autoturn” technology in their beginner to advanced carving skis that allows the skier to initiate their turns with less effort and more control. This technology has helped encourage a faster learning curve for our beginner and intermediate customers. Come up and test drive some of our shops demo skis to see what Rossignol has to offer before you purchase a ski.

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