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Wildlife on Mount Washington

Vancouver Island’s separation from mainland British Columbia by Johnstone and Georgia Straits means that many mammal species common to other parts of the province are not found on the Island. Species such as the Roosevelt elk, the currently-endangered Vancouver Island marmot, the Vancouver Island wolf, and the coastal black-tailed deer are different from their mainland relatives. The park has a large deer population and a significant number of Roosevelt elk while wolves and cougars, though present, are seldom seen. Resident birds include the chestnut-backed chickadee, red-breasted nuthatch, winter wren and kinglet, as well as the gray jay, Steller’s jay and band-tailed pigeon. The park also supports numerous blue grouse, ruffled grouse and a limited number of unique Vancouver Island white-tailed ptarmigan


Uniquely Canadian, the Vancouver Island marmot is one of 14 marmot species worldwide and one of the most critically endangered mammals in the world. Found only on Vancouver Island in British Columbia they are easily identified by their unique appearance and differ from other marmot species in behaviour, genetics and ecology.

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Bears are a just a part of alpine life in the summer at Mount Washington. In the spring time, you can often catch a glimpse of them along the Strathcona Parkway eating fresh grass. Please keep the following points in mind at all times regarding bears.

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Be Bear Aware

This resort is in a forested area and this area is home to Bears and other animals such as cougars etc. Please use caution during you visit and obey the following:

  • Keep a good distance from wildlife (about to 200-300 meters)
  • Do not feed the wildlife
  • Make noise as you travel the mountain terrain
  • Try not to scare or startle the wildlife
  • Leave no trace of your visit
  • Always travel the terrain as a group
  • Try to stay close to your group members when travelling the terrain

More Bear information

  • Learn about bears. Understand what their behaviours mean. Know how to react to an encounter or attack.
  • Stay alert! Look for signs of recent bear activity. Work & travel in a group when possible.
  • Do not surprise bears. Warn bears of your presence with noise, talking or wearing a bell.
  • Do not attract bears or reward them with food.
  • Inform others of your plans. Carry 2-way communication devices whenever possible.
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Thank you for following these basic rules and enjoy your mountain visit

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