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Visual Quality

Principle #11: Visual Quality

Scenic values are critical to surrounding communities and the experience of our guests. Although development is a part of the visual landscape in many of our areas, it can be designed and maintained in a manner that complements the natural setting and makes the natural setting more accessible to guests. Where opportunities for collaboration exist, we should also consider working with appropriate partners in the protection of open lands that help define the visual landscape in which our guests recreate.


  • Create built environments that complement the natural surroundings
  • Explore partnerships with land conservation organizations and other stakeholders that can help protect open lands and their role in the visual landscape

Options for getting there:

  • Planning with landscape scenic values in mind and minimizing ridgeline development where feasible
  • Promoting protection of open space elsewhere in the community to enhance regional views
  • Applying local architectural styles and highlighting natural features to minimize disruption of the visual environment and create a more authentic experience
  • Using visual simulation modeling in siting, planning and design to assist in demonstrating visual effects of projects
  • Designing lifts and buildings to blend into the natural backdrop or complement the natural surroundings
  • Constructing trails to appear as natural openings
  • Using non-reflective building products and earth tone colors on structures
  • Planting trees or other vegetation to improve visual quality
  • Incorporating low level lighting or directional lighting to reduce impacts of lights on the night sky while recognizing safety, security, and maintenance needs
  • Keeping parking areas free of debris and garbage
  • Placing existing and new utility lines underground to reduce visual impacts

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