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Principle #8: Transportation

Travel to, from and within our resort areas have unavoidable impacts. Through transportation initiatives, we can do their part to help ease congestion and impacts to air quality and improve the visitor experience. (See related topic of vehicle fleets under Energy Principles.)


  • Ease congestion and transportation concerns.

Options for getting there:

  • Providing employee transportation benefits, including shuttles, bus passes or discounts, van pools, and ride-share incentives.
  • Providing and promoting ski area guest transportation through shuttles or buses.
  • Offering and promoting carpooling or HOV incentives for guests such as discounts or preferred parking in proximity to lodges.
  • Offering and promoting non-peak travel incentives for guests.
  • Increasing density in base area development when appropriate to reduce the need for vehicle use.
  • Supporting and participating in transit initiatives in the community and region.
  • Working with travel agents to market and promote "car free" vacation packages.

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