Dummy Downhill 2018

Dummy Downhill 2018

From April 01, 2018 2:00pm until April 01, 2018 4:30pm

At Mount Washington

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Sponsored by THrifty Foods

Participants (single or groups) build dummies, which are let loose down a steep run and sent flying over a jump. The dummies are left to the mercy of gravity, balance, and their structural integrity as they plummet to the ground.


Weight limit for dummies: 200lb (90kg)
No firecrackers or other pyrotechnics


Dummies will be judged on a scale of 1-10 in each of the following categories:

Dummies Downhill
1. Creativity 1. Downhill (technically straight?)
2. Effort 2. Jump (height & landing)
*special prize for best bail!


Registration and initial judging at Guest Services with the course on Go for Gold


11am: Registration at Guest Services
12-1:45pm: Initial judging of dummies
2pm: Courtesy transport on snow cat and sleds for all registered dummies to the top of the course on Go for Gold, which is skiers right of the Whiskey Jack chiarlift (dummies only!).
3:30pm: Dummy Downhill begins!


1st prize: $100 Thrifty Gift Card
2nd prize: $60 Thrifty Gift Card
3rd prize: $20 Thrifty Gift Card


Q) Where do we leave our dummies?
A) At Guest Services where you register

Q) How do we get the dummies up the run?
A) Courtesy snow cat transport at 2pm

Q) How much does it cost to register?
A) Registration is free