Now is the time to take flight. Unfold your wings and soar through the treetops on Mt. Washington's newest adventure, the Eagle's Flight ZipTour! Enjoy the rush of freedom as you fly down the face of the mountain reaching speeds up to 100 kph. 

Each ZipTour is led by a team of highly trained and knowledgeable tour guides. The tour starts indoors in our Gear Up Zone, proceeds to the Demo Line for an introduction to the equipment, then up the chairlift to the peak of the mountain. A face mask is required for instance when Guides and guests cannot effectively social distance. The group then descends down four unique zipline spans, each with two cables side by side, ultimately landing on the roof of the Alpine Lodge. 

Please pack a face mask and dress appropriately for current mountain conditions. Note that the tour can take up to 3 hours.
We encourage booking at least 48 hours in advance
Some height and weight restrictions apply.


Tour Restrictions & Important Information
Tour Restrictions
  • Guests must weigh between 50 and 260 lbs and be between 4’ and 6’8” tall (48” and 82”).
  • Guests must be ten years of age or older and guests between the ages of 10 and 15 (inclusive) must have a parent/guardian aged 19 or older accompany them on tour.
  • Absolutely no alcohol, smoking, vaping or illicit drug use is permitted before/during.
  • Guests with physical disabilities should notify the ZipTour office by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ensure accommodations can be arranged.
  • The ZipTour is not recommended for women who are pregnant or those who experience dizziness, seizures or have any other physical impairments. Those with heart conditions or high blood pressure should consult a physician before making a reservation.

Important Information for your Visit
  • Closed-toe shoes are required. Flip flops and other open-toed shoes are NOT permitted. Staff can offer solutions if guest footwear is deemed inappropriate.
  • Loose clothing and long, loose hair are not permitted. Please ensure long hair is tied back and clothing is tucked in/close-fitting.
  • The ZipTour does not permit guests to bring camera equipment larger than a cell-phone, and it should be zipped into your trolley backpack pocket or secured with an appropriate camera mount during your flight. Helmet-cam mounts are not permitted.
  • Guests should be prepared for light physical exertion - the tour includes several flights of stairs and some hiking. 
  • Each tour requires a minimum of 2 participants in it. Rescheduling may be possible, please be flexible with your times.

Additional notes

  • The ZipTour staff are in no way obligated to complete a tour if one or more participants are found to be endangering the safety of themselves, others, or the environment. Refunds will not be given in this situation.
  • ZipTour staff reserve the right to remove guests from the tour if the criteria above is not met with no refund option.
  • Upon check-in, guests should be prepared to have height and weight measurements taken by ZipTour staff. If there is a discrepancy between measuring devices, the data collected by ZipTour staff from Mt. Washington’s device will be used.

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What is the ZipTour?
A)   The Full ZipTour includes four spans, each with two cables side by side. The total length is 2,313 meters (7,589 ft) long and will drop a total of 415 metres (1,364 vertical feet).

Imagine zipping through the tree lines of Mt. Washington at top speeds of almost 100 kph and finishing off your tour with a rooftop decent that gives panoramic views of Albert Edward and the frontside of Mt. Washington. Fly down this unique 2.3 km adventure starting by crossing "The Abyss," a chasm between peaks where you will be hundreds of meters in the air!

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