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Snowmaking has become a critical aspect of mountain resort operations worldwide, and is highly-appreciated - even expected - by beginners and professionals alike. Natural snowflakes are often formed over days or hours of suspended time in the air. By contrast, snowmaking has only 3 to 15 seconds to freeze the water.

Snowmaking at Mount Washington:

    • will be phased in over a number of years
    • will create additional jobs in both the initial construction phases but also annual operation and maintenance
    • may ensure a consistent annual opening date
    • will ensure coverage on many high-traffic areas
    • will supplement natural snowfall as required
    • can be used to improve snow conditions during icy or "freeze/ thaw" conditions
    • is the future of many coastal resorts

  • Water used for snowmaking is not consumed: it is simply repurposed back into the same watershed from where it came. It is ultimately rereleased slowly later in the year which benefits spring and summer flows downstream from our property.
  • We will only make snow when subzero temps allow; advances in snowmaking have allowed resorts worldwide to make snow more efficiently in marginal conditions.
  • Mount Washington has license for multiple water sources on Resort property.
  • Water will be stored in several reservoirs at the Resort and can be used for both snowmaking purposes in winter and sense of arrival and wild fire fighting/prevention in summer.

The two most important variables in making snow are temperature humidity. The relationship between the two is called the Wet Bulb. Both the temperature and humidity must be low enough to make snow. If you are interested in learning more about snowmaking, please follow this link:

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