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Lift Status & Conditions


A Refundable Pass Option provides the assurance of a partial refund due to 1) medical reasons or 2) employment transfer off Vancouver Island. If the Refundable Pass Option is not purchased at the time of the pass purchase, your season pass is Non-Refundable. Under no circumstances will a refund or credit be given to passholders that do not purchase the refund option.

Refundable Pass Premium: All passes $15.00

Terms and Conditions: The Refund Option commences with the purchase of the Refundable Pass.

Subject to the refund schedule, Mount Washington Resort will refund the Refundable Pass Passholder based on the following terms and conditions:

  1. Injuries or sickness of a Refundable Pass Passholder prevents his/her participation in biking. The refund is not applicable to interm sickness or injury.
  2. A Refundable Pass Passholder is transferred by his/her current employer or precluded by terms of a contract, requiring him/her to change residence off Vancouver Island, provided the date of transfer is at least 30 days after the purchase of the Refundable Pass, and Mount Washington Resort is advised within 15 days of notification by the Passholder’s employer.
  3. The Refund Option does not apply when voluntarily leaving the area for work or travel.
  4. The Refund Option must be purchased concurrently with the 2012 Season Pass.
  5. Mount Washington Resort must be notified in writing, and bike pass surrendered within 15 days of non-participation.
  6. The Refundable Pass Premium is not refundable under any circumstances.
  7. The Refund Option does not apply to Bike Park conditions.
  8. Where the person applying for the refund is part of a family, the cost for the remaining family will be recalculated to reflect the revised family grouping, with the refund being applied to the difference between the original sale and the revised sale.

Exceptions:This refund option does not cover loss:

  • If your 2012 Season Pass is used for any reason after the date of illness, injury or transfer.
  • Caused by or contributed to by intentional self-injury.
  • Due to emotional disorders or preexisting conditions unless the Passholder is hospitalized.
  • Due to any injury or sickness that does not prevent participation in biking.

When presenting your claim please provide the following:

  • Covering letter of explanation
  • Your 2012 Season Pass
  • Medical certificate providing: a) date of the first medical treatment and b) prognosis, including a statement that the Passholder is unable to bike and how long the illness or
  • injury will prevent participation.
  • In the event of job transfer, provide a letter from employer within 15 days notification, specifying date, length and location of transfer.

Requesting a refund:

  • Present your request in writing to Mount Washington Alpine Resort. Attn: Season Pass, #1 Strathcona Parkway, Mount Washington, BC, V9J 1L0, within 15 continuous days of non-participation.


  1. Until the season opening 95% of the cost of the Season Pass refunded
  2. Until July 31,2012 80% of the cost of the Season Pass refunded
  3. Aug 1,2012 up to and including Aug 31,2012 60% of the cost of the Season Pass refunded
  4. After Sept 1,2012 No refund