Vancouver Island | British Columbia | Canada
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24 °c 6 km SE
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Mount Washington has hosted many commercial film crews over the last few years. Ranging from Subaru North America to Petro Canada, many companies have used our aesthetically pleasing landscapes to backdrop their productions. Mount Washington is an ideal location for a variety of film shoots and we'd be pleased to discuss this with you.

We also enjoy a great working relationship with INFilm, The Vancouver Island North Film Commission. If you're looking for a multi-faceted location, Mount Washington Alpine Resort and the surrounding North Island on Vancouver Island has what you're looking for!

Film Production Mt Washington

Please note that private snow machines (snowcats, snowmobiles, etc.) are banned from the mountain. We offer a snow machine rental program for large-scale film productions. Prices include mandatory operators who are experienced in mountain travel, in addition to the machines. For more information on rates for commercial production, contact our Business Services Director.

What is the best way to experience Mount Washington Alpine Resort? If you decide to head up this way, give us some notice! With a little heads up of your arrival, we can ensure that your stay at the mountain exceeds your expectations.

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