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Season Passes

WINTER 2014-2015



ends Sept. 30th, 2014
Oct. 1st, 2014
Adult (19-64) $1100.00 $1375.00
Child (6-12) $575.00  $720.00 
Youth (13-18) $890.00  $1115.00
Senior (65+) $890.00  $1115.00
Parent Pass (19-64) $1100.00 $1375.00


Adult (19-64) $1015.00 $1270.00
Child (6-12) $530.00  $665.00 
Youth (13-18) $825.00  $1030.00
Senior (65+) $825.00  $1030.00
Parent Pass (19-64) $1015.00 $1270.00


Adult (19-64) $475.00  $595.00 
Child (6-12) $245.00  $305.00 
Youth (13-18) $380.00  $475.00 
Senior (65+) $380.00  $475.00 


Alpine (18-64) $575.00  $720.00 
Nordic (18-64) $235.00  $290.00 


Adult (19-64) $165.00  $205.00 
Child (6-12)    $85.00 $105.00 
Youth (13-18) $130.00  $160.00 
Senior (65+) $130.00  $160.00 


Adult (19-64) $300.00  $360.00 
Child (6-12) $180.00  $220.00 
Youth (13-18) $265.00  $325.00 
Senior (65+) $265.00  $325.00 

Rookie Year Pass

Child (6-12) $425.00  $530.00 
Tot (4-5) $210.00  $265.00 


Adult (19-64) $290.00  $360.00 
Child (6-12) $150.00  $185.00 
Youth (13-18) $235.00  $290.00 
Senior (65+) $235.00  $290.00 
Parent Pass (19-64) $290.00  $360.00 

Alpine Rental Season Pass *

Adult (19-64) $230.00  $290.00 
Child (6-12) $120.00  $150.00 
Youth (13-18) $230.00  $290.00 
Senior (65+) $230.00  $290.00 

Nordic Rental Season Pass *

Adult (19-64) $125.00  $160.00 
Child (6-12)    $65.00     $85.00 
Youth (13-18) $125.00  $160.00 
Senior (65+) $125.00  $160.00 
Tot (2-5)    $45.00     $60.00

Super Senior (75+)

(**subject to printing fee)

Tot Alpine Pass (0-5)

(** subject to printing fee)

Tot Nordic Pass (0-5)

(** subject to printing fee)


$100.00  $125.00 

Ski Shuttle

$100.00 $125.00

Family Discounts

Add up all family members individually, then take the percentage off based on the number of individuals in your family. 6th and more family members are FREE!

FAMILY of 2   15% off
FAMILY of 3-5   25% off
FAMILY of 6+   25% off + 6th and additional members are FREE!
  • Family Discount rates are applied to each pass individually when purchasing Gold and Alpine passes.
  • Family Discounts can apply to Nordic but cannot be combined with Gold or Alpine Passes.
  • Family Discount rates cannot be combined with Parent Tot passes or any free pass options.
  • When receiving the 6th person or more free pass(s) the lowest priced pass will be the one(s) that will be free.
  • Family defined as parent(s) and dependent children under the age of 19 living in the same principal residence.


Find Out More

The Gold Season Pass is our most popular and offers benefits worth their weight in gold! Benefits for Gold Season Passholders include deals on demo skis, lessons and season long discounts in our retail outlets.

Here is the list of our season pass options for winter 2014.15, which one will you choose?


What should I show to collect my student pass?
You will need to show your Co-op or Apprenticeship documentation if applicable.
- A copy of your current course curriculum/registration showing dates and times for classes with your name & student ID printed on it for both Fall and Winter semesters.
- Your tuition statement showing full or partial payment of your course fees with your student number on it.*
- Valid government picture ID such as; driver’s license, passport or B.C. ID.
*This does not include your acceptance letter or minimal registration fee and must show a significant payment toward your registered course fee tuition.

Do I need a new photo? Where do I get them done?
Youth under 17 need new photos each and every season. Adults need new photos every 3 seasons. Photos can be taken at the Resort or can be emailed directly to the office at We are looking for a passport style photo with no obstructions to the face such as sunglasses or goggles. We welcome you to smile.

Where do I pick up my pass?
You can pick up your pass in the Alpine Lodge at our Seasons Pass Office on the Marmots floor. If you are a Nordic passholder you can pick up your pass at the Raven Lodge.

Do I need to sign a waiver this year?
Yes. Each year you need to sign the waiver. If you purchased online then you will not need to come in and sign a paper copy. If you make a phone, road show, or in office purchase then you will need to sign a paper copy.

How do you define a family?
A family is defined as a minimum 2 pass holders (maximum 2 adults) including at least one adult, and children between the ages of 6 and 18 from the same family and all living at the same residence. Families of 6 or more pay for the oldest 5 family members and the remaining passes are free each with only a $15 processing fee. Families of 2 qualify for 15% discount and families of 3 or more 25%.

2013/14 Winter Credit

We are pleased to provide you with an 18% credit from the winter of 13/14 to apply towards your 14/15 pass.
Below you will find the credit amount that has been calculated towards your 14/15 Season Pass. When you purchase your new pass you will need this information.

It's easy! Go online to; create an account or use your current account; go through the steps to purchase your seasons pass; when you get to the payment screen enter the pass number we have provided and your credit will show up before you make your payment to buy your pass. If you don't want to buy online you can also buy in person, on the phone or at one or at one of our "on the road" booths.

The 100-day assurance is unique to our industry! As a show of confidence for 14 -15, and as an added incentive to encourage you to purchase a pass next winter, we are pleased to again be offering the same 100-day assurance for the 14/15 season. If you do not purchase a season pass for the 14/15 winter season, the credit has no cash value and is not transferable to other products or future winter seasons. The credit expires December 31, 2014.

If you have questions or are uncertain how your credit was determined see our FAQs below.

Here's how it works:
The purchase is 18% of the amount you paid for your 13/14 Season Pass. Please note that you don't have to buy the same season pass you had in the 13/14 winter season, your credit will be applied to the purchase of any of our 14/15 Season Passes.

Some of the details we used when calculating your credit are;

  • If you do not purchase a season pass for the 14/15 winter season, the credit has no cash value and is not transferable to other products or seasons. The credit expires December 31, 2014.
  • The purchase price credit is not transferable. It must be used by you to purchase a season pass for yourself (or family) and cannot be used by others.
  • The credit will be applied to the purchase of a 14/15 winter season pass only and cannot be used for any other Mount Washington product or service.
  • The purchase price credit has no cash value. If the 18% purchase price credit being used for a 14/15 season pass exceeds the value of the pass you purchase, no refund will be given.
  • You must apply your credit to the purchase of a 14/15 season pass on or before December 31, 2014.


  • Medical reasons - An Injury or illness which prevents use of the underlying pass for the duration of the season in which it is valid. The refund is not applicable to an interim injury or illness
  • Employment transfer – A transfer by the pass holder’s current employer requiring a change of residence off Vancouver Island and surrounding Islands. The refund is not applicable when voluntarily leaving the area for work or travel
  • A related pass holder is a applying for a refund – If one member of a family discount group is eligible for a refund, the other members of that family discount group are also eligible, provided each applicant also purchased the refundable pass option

Terms and Conditions:. In this Subject to the refund schedule, Mount Washington Resort will refund the Refundable Pass Passholder based on the following terms and conditions:

  • The refundable pass option must be purchased concurrent with the purchase of the underlying pass.
  • The refundable pass option does not apply to snow conditions or any varibles other than those listed above
  • The refundable premium is not, in itself, refundable
  • Mount Washington Resort must be notified in writing, and ski pass surrendered within 15 days of the illness, injury or transfer
  • If, for any reason, the underlying pass is used after the date of the illness, injury or transfer, no refund will be issued
  • This refund option does not cover injury caused or contributed to by intentional self-injury, emotional disorders, pre-existing conditions unless the pass holder is hospitalized, or because of an injury or illness that does not prevent the pass holder from participating in the activity related to the underlying pass
  • Where the person applying for the refund is part of a family, the cost for the remaining family will be recalculated to reflect the revised family discount, with the refund being applied to the difference between the original sale and the revised sale

Under no circumstances will a refund or credit be given if the refundable pass option is not purchased

Refund Schedule:
The following is a schedule of the portion of the original cost of the pass which is eligible for refund

  • Until the Season Opening - 100% of cost of the Season Pass refunded (minus a $50 admin fee)
  • Opening up to and including Dec. 19, 2014 – 80% of cost of the Season Pass refunded
  • Dec. 20, 2014 up to and including Feb.1, 2015 – 60% of cost of the Season Pass refunded
  • Feb. 2, 2015 up to and including Mar. 1, 2015 – 40% of cost of the Season Pass refunded
  • After March 2, 2015 – No refund

When presenting your claim please provide the following:
Covering letter of explanation
Your Season Pass
Medical certificate providing: (a) date of first medical treatment and (b) prognosis, including a statement that the Passholder is unable to ski/snowboard and how long the illness or injury will prevent participation.
In the event of a job transfer, please provide letter from employer specifying date, length and location of transfer.

Requesting a Refund:
Present your request in writing to:
Mount Washington Alpine Resort.
Attn: Season Pass Refund
PO Box 3069,Stn Main
Courtenay, BC, V9N 5M3

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