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Planning, Design and Construction

Principle #1: Planning, Design and Construction

In planning and designing trails, base areas and associated facilities, we have the opportunity to explore ways of integrating our operations into natural systems and addressing short and long-term environmental impacts to natural resources. There may also be opportunities to address past disturbances from historical uses that have occurred in the area and mitigate the unavoidable impacts from future ones.


  • Engage local communities, environmental groups, government agencies and other stakeholders in up front and continuing dialogue on development plans and their implementation.
  • Assess environmental concerns and potential restoration opportunities.
  • Plan, site and design trails, on-mountain facilities and base area developments in a manner that respects the natural setting and avoids, to the extent practical, outstanding natural resources.
  • Emphasize nature in the built environment of the resort.
  • Make water, energy, and materials efficiency and clean energy use priorities in the design of new facilities and the upgrading of existing facilities.
  • Use high-density development or clustering to reduce sprawl, provide a sense of place, reduce the need for cars and enhance the pedestrian environment.
  • Meet or exceed requirements to minimize impacts associated with construction.

Options for getting there:

  • Engaging stakeholders collaboratively on the siting of improvements and the analysis of alternatives complementing local architectural styles, scale, and existing infrastructure to enhance the visual environment and create a more authentic experience for guests respecting outstanding natural resources and physical "carrying capacity" of the local ecology in planning new projects.
  • Using simulation or computer modeling in planning to assist with analyzing the effects of proposals on key natural resources and viewsheds such as visual modeling or GIS.
  • Designing trails with less tree removal and vegetation disturbance where feasible.
  • Incorporating green building principles, such as using energy, water and material efficiency techniques and sustainable building practices using long-life, low maintenance materials in building including parks, open space and native landscaping in base area developments.
  • Seeking opportunities for environmental enhancement and restoration maximizing alternate transportation modes in and around the base area minimizing road building where practical.
  • Selecting best management practices (BMPs) for construction sites applying sound on-mountain construction practices such as over-snow transport techniques, stormwater control or phasing of activities to minimize disturbances to natural habitats

Principle #1: Planning, Design and Construction

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