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Summer Starts Now!

Article Date: July-21-2011

July 25th-29th is Learn to Ride Week

Downhill mountain biking is easy. What? It's true. We have the learning to ride thing all wrapped up in a nice and easy package and the best part is, it's on sale next week!

Our Learn to Ride program is the best way to learn to downhill mountain bike and next week, it's also the most affordable!

The Rocky Mountain Learn to Ride Week runs from July 25th to the 29th and gives learn to riders a two-hour lesson with a professional guide, a full-suspension Rocky Mountain bike rental, body armour with helmet, and a bike park lift ticket for just $49.

Head up and learn to ride on our new Green Line bike trail!

Aug 5th-6th Bearclaw Invitational

The Claw is back...well, kind of back as he's currently at Crankworx in Whistler! Regardless, one of the biggest bike events in the world is coming back to Mount Washington on August 5-6th. Here is the scoop from Darren Berrecloth/Claw/Bearclaw himself:

The Bearclaw Invitational will be the most progressive slopestyle event of the year, and yes, you can count on the course being topnotch, since I'm the one building it. The course itself will have all the big obstacles the boys are used to and then some surprises thrown in as well, all built around a 4" to 6" travel bike. It will have a very authentic West Coast feel, since it's being built in the forest at Mount Washington. What's really rad is that this Bearclaw Invitational course will be permanent, so no more building and then tearing it down each Fall.

It's been 3 years since my last Bearclaw Invitational on Mount Washington. After a lot of demand I am proud to say that I am once again partnering up with the wicked staff and crew up there. I believe this is an opportune time to bring back my event. The plan will be to build a course amongst the trees. The forest is a mix of fir and alpine cedar, all with tons of lichen clinging to the branches making it a photographer's dream to shoot, and giving the contest a very distinct look.

The Invitational course will have a mixture of big mountain moves and new school moves with a ton of incorporation of the forest, such as tying the ladder bridges into the trees. Spectator visibility is a big factor for me as well, so rest assured that the spectator will be in for visual treat watching all of their favorite pros throw down on a course that I personally built.

There it is from the man himself. The rider list features a who's who of freeride mountain biking in 2011 so if you want to see the biggest bike event on Vancouver Island this summer, head on up for the Bearclaw Invitational! Qualifiers are on Friday, August 5th and the finals are on Saturday, August 6th. Can't wait!!

Mile High Chairlift Rides!

Soar above the mountain with a chairlift ride! Each way lasts for 15 minutes allowing you plenty of time to soak up the awe-inspiring Alpine to Ocean views.

The scenery up top is spectacular and there's tons of snow to play around in! Open daily July 1st through Sept. 5th and the weekends of Sept. 10th-11th and 17th-18th.

$16 per person $43 Family (2 adults/2 children).

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