Pass & Ticket Holder Notice - Updated April 2, 2015

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Nordic Snow Report

Temperatures & Winds

Raven Station 1041m


Nordic Temperature 3.3 ºc / 38ºf

Norder Wind Speed: 0.0 km/hr DIRECTION: NNE

Nordic Wind Chill: 3.3ºc

Sunrise Station 1485m


Alpine Temperature 4.4 ºc / 40 ºf

Alpine Wind Speed: 14.5 km/hr DIRECTION: NNW

Alpine Wind Chill: 1ºc

Nordic Snow Information

Snow Conditions - Closed / Closed

Nordic Trails Open :0

Snowshoe Trails Open: 0

Updated: April 13th 2015 @ 10:40AM

Alpine Snow Conditions

Snow Base - 0cm

Overnight Snowfall - 0cm

24hr Snowfall - 0cm

48hr Snowfall - 0cm

Snow Information and conditions are updated daily at 5:30am and 8:30am - 5:30am snow conditions are observed at lower mountain weather station at 1100 metres, 8:30am snow conditions are revised measurements from our mid-mountain weather station at 1360 metres.

Pass & Ticket Holder Notice - Updated April 2, 2015

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Cross Country Trail Report

Trails Open 0

Classic Set 0 km

Skate Set 0 km

Trail Status


Lookout - 0.5 km

Ponds - 3.0 km

Jutland - 3.0 km

West Passage - 1.0 km

Marmot Flats - 2.5 km

Paradise Meadows - 3.0 km

Jackrabbit Link - 2.0 km

Far East - 4.5 km

Lake Approach - 1.5 km

Upper West - 3.0 km

Lower West - 1.0 km

World Cup Trails - 5.0 km

Legacy View - 1.5 km

The Grind - 2.5 km

Ravens Revenge - 6.0 km dog friendly

Sprint Loop - 2.0 km

Lake Trail - 9.0 km


Lookout Trail

Ponds Trail

jutland trail

west passage trail

marmot flats

paradise meadowa

jack rabbit link

Far east

lake approach

upper west trail

lower west trail

world cup trails

Legacy View

the grind

ravens revenge

sprint loop

lake trail




















Snowshoe Trail Status


Old Cabin Trail - 2.5 km

Lookout Trail - 0.5 km

Snow Paws - 1.5 km  dog friendly trail

Tree Beard's Trail - 1.5 km

Crooked Creek - 2.0 km

Finger Glades - 3.0 km

Great Big View - 1.0 km

Rossiter's Rise - 3.0 km


old cabin trail

Lookout Trail

Tree Beards Trail

crooked creek

Finger Glades

great big view trail

Rossiters Rise











Raven Tobogganing Area




tobagganing area



Forecasted Weather

Temperature: High 0 ºc - Low 4 ºc

Nordic Centre Hours

Raven Lodge: Waiting for Snow
Cafe: Closed
Rentals Shop: Closed
Retail Shop: Closed

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