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Jobs at Mount Washington

Get your skis and boards shined up and start getting those applications filled out because winter is right around the corner! Time to start thinking winter season 2017-2018 employment!

Here at Mt Washington, one of the greatest winter sports destinations on an island in the pacific that you will ever see, the winter season will soon be upon us and we are looking for quality people to join the team. We are looking to fill some key vacant positions with great people like you! Everything from welcoming guests from around the world, selling tickets or fitting high performance boards and skis on eager riders or even taming the searing flames of our Ted’s grill or how about mastering the slopes while sharing that knowledge with others or even gliding through one of the most beautiful parks in BC on your Nordic skis. All these vacant positions will be posted right here, on line and ready to take your application 24-7! Don’t miss out on the great winter season you could be having shortly. Take a look at all the positions offered and apply to as many that you feel you would have a good time doing!

If you don’t see it here and you don’t see it now but you know what you are looking for, submit an application directly to: be sure to indicate what position you think you would be good at or even the one you feel you have the ability to learn and excel at. Also be sure to include cover letters, references, contact info and any other things that you think might help.

If you have any questions regarding the positions available, the application process or Mount Washington itself, please send us an email: Thanks for your interest in Mount Washington, good luck and hopefully we will see you out on the hill for the amazing winter season!

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