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We receive some of the biggest snowfalls in North America - over 11 metres annually on average. Couple that with beautiful glades, powder bowls and 1,700 acres of in-bound terrain and you have your next alpine adventure all set!

Alpine Grooming Report



Updated: 6th April 2021 at 09:19AM

Easy Acres

Easy Street Closed

Easy Out Closed

Big Easy Closed

Home Run Closed

Marmot Closed

Whiskey Jack

Coaster (lower) Closed

Whiskey Jack Closed

Terrain Park Closed

Frog Legs Closed

Night Terrain Fri-Sun 3:30-9 PMClosed

The Hawk

Sunset Closed

Reverse Traverse Closed

Jacks Closed

Westerley (lower) Closed

Westerley (upper) Closed

Park View Closed

Riptide Closed

Berries Closed

Easy Rider Closed

Exhibition (lower) Closed

Exhibition (upper) Closed

Tyee (lower) Closed

Tyee (upper) Closed

White Cap Closed

Good Time Glades Closed

Short Shot Closed

Old Red Closed

The Eagle

Milky Way Closed

Lintons Loop Closed

Coaster (upper) Closed

Retirement Closed

West Bull Closed

Cassie's Gold Closed

O'Henry (lower) Closed

O'Henry (middle) Closed

O'Henry (upper) Closed

East Bull (lower) Closed

East Bull (upper) Closed

Chimney Closed

Eagle Closed

Hawk Closed

Top of the World Closed

West Basin Closed

Powder Face Closed


The Gully Closed

Invitation (lower) Closed

Invitation (upper) Closed

Fantastic (lower) Closed

Fantastic (upper) Closed

Access Trail Closed

Rainbow (upper) Closed

Rainbow (lower) Closed

Daybreak Closed

East Spring Road Closed

Park Lane Closed

Silhouette Closed

Rick's Ride (lower) Closed

Rick's Ride (upper) Closed

Schum's Delight (lower) Closed

Schum's Delight (upper) Closed

Sunrise Closed


Dingo Closed

Fools Gold Closed

Thunderdome Closed

Brumby's Closed

Mangroves Closed

Crikey Closed

Boomerang Closed

Billabong Closed

Copper Closed

Sucker Chutes Closed

Head Wall Closed

North Glades Closed

North Bowl Closed

Boomfront Liftline Closed

Gateway Glades Closed

Bonanza Closed

Midas Closed

The Miner Closed

Gold Digger Closed

Paydirt Closed


Conditions permitting
There are crews active with machines at this time preparing for winter operations, please respect the closure, and remain off all trails and slopes on Mount Washington property.

Updated: November 26th, 2021 - 10:50AM

Raven Lodge 1041m

5:44 PM - 2021-11-26

Temperature: -1°c

Wind Speed: 13km/hr

Wind Direction: SW

Humidity: 99%

Alpine Lodge 1173m

5:44 PM - 2021-11-26

Temperature: n/a

Wind Speed: 10km/hr

Wind Direction: SW

Humidity: 100%

Sunrise Chairlift 1041m


Temperature: n/a

Wind Speed: n/a

Wind Direction: n/a

Humidity: n/a%

Terrain Park


Beginner Park


Ski Runs


Grooming Totals

0 Acres

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Plan Ahead. Buy Online. Wear A Mask. Please Be Kind.

Plan Ahead. Buy Online.
Wear A Mask. Please Be Kind.

Opening Day is planned for Friday, December 10th, 2021. Please follow updated guidelines for safe recreation as recommended by BC Provincial Health. As a guest, it is your responsibility to know what to expect, and to comply with resort policies. Those not following protocols will be asked to leave. Stay up to date on Expectations here on our website. Let's keep our season safe, together.
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