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Energy Conservation and Use

Principle #3: Energy Conservation and Use

The resort can be leaders in implementing energy efficiency techniques and increasing the use of renewable energy sources within our operations to conserve natural resources, reduce pollution and greenhouse gases and reduce the potential impacts of climate change.

Energy Use for Facilities


  • Reduce overall energy use.
  • Use cleaner or renewable energy where possible.
  • Meet or exceed energy standards in new or retrofit projects.

Options for getting there:

  • Audit current usage levels and target areas for improvement.
  • Develop an energy management plan that addresses short and long-term energy goals, staffing, and schedules for new and retrofit projects.
  • Orienting buildings and their windows to maximize natural light penetration to reduce the need for artificial lighting and facilitate solar heating.
  • Using solar heating or geothermal heat pumps for heating air and water.
  • Using timing systems, light management systems and occupancy sensors.
  • Performing lighting retrofits to provide more energy efficient lamps, retrofitting exit signs to use low watt bulbs, calibrating thermostats, and fine-tuning heating systems.
  • Using peak demand mitigation, distributed, on-site power generation and storage, and real time monitoring of electricity use.
  • Working with utilities to manage demand and take advantage of cost sharing plans to implement energy savings.
  • Entering into load sharing agreements with utilities for peak demand times.
  • Partnering with the BC Hydro to assist with energy savings programs.
  • Educating employees, guests and other stakeholders about energy efficient practices.
  • Installing high efficiency windows, ensuring that all windows and doorways are properly sealed and using insulation to prevent heating and cooling loss.
  • Minimizing energy used to heat water by using low-flow showerheads, efficient laundry equipment, and linen and towel re-use programs.
  • Investing in cleaner or more efficient technologies for power generation, including wind, geothermal, and solar power generation, fuel cells and natural gas turbines and generation from biomass residues and wastes.
  • Purchasing green power, such as wind-generated power, from energy providers

Energy Use for Lifts


  • Reduce energy use in lift operations.
  • Use cleaner energy in lift operations where possible.

Options for getting there:

  • Using high efficiency motors.
  • Upgrading diesel motors or converting them to alternative clean energy sources, such as fuel cells or microturbines.
  • Using renewable energy sources.
  • Purchasing green power from energy providers.

Energy Use for Vehicle Fleets


  • Reduce fuel use in vehicles.
  • Use cleaner fuel where possible.

Options for getting there:

  • Providing shuttles or transportation for guests and employees.
  • Using energy efficient vehicles.
  • Using alternative fuel or hybrid electric engines in fleet vehicles including shuttles, trucks, snowcats and snowmobiles.
  • Conducting regular maintenance on fleet vehicles

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