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Education and Outreach

Principle #9: Education and Outreach

Because of our setting in an outdoor, natural environment and the clear connection between that natural environment and the guest experience, we have an excellent opportunity to take a leadership role in environmental education and in enhancing the environmental awareness of their guests, surrounding communities, and employees.


  • Use the natural surroundings as a forum for promoting environmental education and increasing environmental sensitivity and awareness
  • Develop outreach that enhances the relationship between the ski area and stakeholders and ultimately benefits the environment

Options for getting there:

  • Training employees and informing guests of all ages about the surrounding environment
  • Educating stakeholders about these Principles
  • Providing leadership on environmental concerns with particular importance to the alpine or mountain environment, such as climate change
  • Dedicating personnel to environmental concerns and incorporating environmental performance measures and expectations into departmental goals
  • Dedicating a portion of the ski area's website to environmental excellence
  • Offering environmental education and awareness programs that provide on-mountain instruction and offer classroom information for use in schools
  • Partnering with local school systems, businesses and the public on initiatives and opportunities for protecting and enhancing the environment
  • Displaying interpretive signs on forest resources, vegetative management and fish and wildlife
  • Publicly demonstrating a commitment to operating in an environmentally sensitive manner by promoting our Principles or addressing environmental considerations in company policies
  • Creating funding mechanisms for environmental outreach projects
  • Promoting the ski area's environmental success stories or specific measures taken to address water, energy, waste, habitat, vegetation, air quality, visual quality or transportation concerns
  • Encouraging employees to participate in community environmental initiatives
  • Supporting initiatives to reduce snowmobile noise and emissions
  • Asking guests their opinions about our environmental programs and initiatives and using their feedback to improve programs and the guests' experiences

Principle #9: Education and Outreach

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