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VIVA MEXICO Dinner with Guest Chef Josue Castillo

From March 13, 2020 6:00pm until March 13, 2020 9:00pm

Mount Washington welcomes back Chef Josue Castillo for the second edition of VIVA MÉXICO

Celebrate the vibrant flavours of Mexico in the spectacular setting of Raven Lodge at Mount Washington. Chef Josue will be crafting a menu that is not to be missed including craft cocktails and a very limited edition Mexican cask brew presented by Vancouver Island Brewing.


Guest Chef Josue Castillo

Josue Castillo was born and raised in Escandon, Mexico City where his passion for food developed at a young age. Josue’s mother, Teresita used her talents and knowledge to open a humble eatery and, at the age of 5 introduced Josue to the sensory world of cooking. Together they would navigate Central De Abastos (one of the largest markets in the world), selecting fresh and local produce and chatting with the farmers who came in tirelessly before dawn each morning to deliver and butcher their meats on-site. This is where his journey began.

At the age of 16, Josue moved to Topeka, Kansas where he finished high school and worked in various restaurants in order to expand his skill base and improve his English. Once graduated, Josue returned to Mexico to explore his own country and the vastly diverse cultural range it has to offer. Josue discovered that each region had its own distinctive style and from that, his connection grew deeper.

After a few years, Josue set his sights higher and decided to work abroad in various countries in Europe. There, he was introduced to an array of techniques, and a whole new range of ingredients to explore.

Josue currently lives in Victoria with his partner in crime, Rosie, Koi, his 9 1/2-year-old son who wants to be a chef just like his padre, and Valentina, possibly the cutest cat in the world. His family is a huge source of inspiration.

Living in Victoria for the past 10 years, Josue has contributed his worldly culinary skills to not only his family and friends but also his community. His magnetic energy, love for music and great leadership skills have only enhanced his passion for cooking and have made him an asset to many local restaurants such as The Noodle Box (SE Asian), Pizzeria Prima Strada (Italian), Bodega (Spanish) and, true to his roots, Cafe Mexico.

As the Executive Chef at Cafe Mexico, Josue is devoted to introducing BC to the immense spectrum of urban Mexican cuisine, paying homage to the power that lies in the most humble of ingredients and taking people on an authentic culinary journey that introduces them to his true Mexico.


Tickets are available online for $49 per person. Tax and gratuity are additional and automatically added in the MYMW shopping cart.

Beer and cocktails not included. Advanced booking is required.


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