Nordic Snow Report : Saturday, January 31, 2015 @ 12:34 PM

Saturday Jan 31st

Due to a mechanical problems, we will not have any set classic tracks today.  All open trails are freshly groomed with skate lanes only.

Groomer will be good to go for tomorrow, we will have classic tracks tomorrow.

Early Season conditions.

Parks trails are closed.

Current Temperature


Nordic Temperature:
4.3ºC / 40ºF
Raven Lodge:3:55 0.0 km/hr ---
Nordic Area Wind Chill: Temp 4.3 ºc
Today's Weather:

Snowbase 98cm

Snow Conditions

New Overnight
Machine Groomed / Spring Conditions
New 24 Hrs
Nordic trails open :
10 of 17
New 48 Hrs
Snowshoe trails open :
3 of 8
Mountain Snowbase
Alpine trails open :
9 of 81

Forecasted Weather

Increasing cloudiness today with light precipitation expected this afternoon, cooling temperatures and dropping freezing levels.
Temperature: High -2 ºc - Low -4 ºc

Nordic Centre Hours

Raven Lodge: 9am to 5pm Sun to Thurs, 9am to 8pm Fri and Sat
Cafe: 9am to 5pm Sun to Thurs, 9am to 8pm Fri and Sat
Rentals Shop: 9am to 4pm Sun to Thurs, 9am to 8pm Fri and Sat
Retail Shop: 9am to 4:30pm Daily

Cross Country Trail Report

Trails Open
km Classic Set
km Skate Set
23 km
10 of 17
0 km

Trail Status

Difficulty* Status* Comments
Lookout - 0.5 km
Ponds - 3.0 km
Jutland - 3.0 km
West Passage - 1.0 km
Marmot Flats - 2.5 km
Paradise Meadows - 3.0 km
Jackrabbit Link - 2.0 km
Far East - 4.5 km
Lake Approach - 1.5 km
Upper West - 3.0 km
Lower West - 1.0 km
Variation of route 
World Cup Trails - 5.0 km
Legacy View - 1.5 km
The Grind - 2.5 km
Ravens Revenge Ravens Revenge- 6.0 km
Dog Section only. Not a loop 
Sprint Loop - 2.0 km
Skate Only 
Lake Trail - 9.0 km

Snowshoe Trail Status

Difficulty* Status* Comments
Old Cabin Trail - 2.5 km
Snowshoe Trails Easiest
Lookout Trail - 0.5 km
Snowshoe Trails Easiest
Snow Paws Ravens Revenge- 1.5 km
Snowshoe Trails Easiest
Finger Glades - 3.0 km
Snowshoe Trails Most Difficult
Tree Beard's Trail - 1.5 km
Snowshoe Trails Difficult
Crooked Creek - 2.0 km
Snowshoe Trails Difficult
Great Big View - 1.0 km
Snowshoe Trails Most Difficult
Rossiter's Rise - 3.0 km
Snowshoe Trails Difficult

Tobogganing Area

Difficulty* Status* Comments
Snowshoe Trails Easiest
Open 10 - 4 Saturday and Sundays