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Article Date: June-14-2012

You know, we're pretty lucky here on Vancouver Island. The things we can do on a regular basis- or at least do when we're not working- are almost limitless. Take June for example, we can surf, go for some awe-inspiring coastal hikes, or even paddle a kayak around the thousands of uninhabited islands dotting our landscape. Or you can ski, that's right....ski!

It's the kind of thing we Islanders can rub in the faces of our friends in Ontario, Manitoba, or anywhere across the globe for that matter. Skiing in June on Vancouver Island, can you do that in Toronto? Nope.

Our third Father's Day Weekend in a row on snow is quickly approaching so dust off your boards and prepare for some June turns. In a nutshell, here is what you need to know for this weekend:

When and what are we opening? We're running the Whiskey Jack Chair to get you up from 10am to 4pm on June 16+17th and Linton's Loop will be the main run open with wider areas open at the junction where Linton's meets Rainbow.

Will you have the terrain park open? Nope! But there will be a small assortment of rails setup at the Rainbow/Linton's Loop junction.

How much are tickets for this weekend and how can I get it cheaper? You need to purchase a $25 day ticket to ride (no winter passes will be valid this weekend) or pre-purchase here and receive 10% off

What about rentals? Rentals are also $25 per day, pre-purchase here and receive 10% off

If you visit us this weekend you will also receive a 2 for 1 voucher to use this summer for a Mile High Scenic Super Spectacular Chairlift Ride!

For more information on the Father's Day weekend opening, clickety click here.

beer and suds at mount washington


We're pretty sure summer is just around the corner, isn't it? Snow or no snow, we're firing up the Eagle Express for Mile High Scenic Rides on Friday, June 29th. Opening weekend features our tasty and scenic Ride and Dine package for under $20 per adult (regular price $26) and kids can join in for under $15 each. Head up for a great package at a great deal for a great meal a mile high. Plus you can chuck some snowballs at each other up top!