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Imagine Choosing Your Holiday Next Winter

Article Date: May-17-2012

Guess what? You can! The provincial government is letting you become part of the decision making process for the date of BC Family Day in our beautiful province. There are two options for you to choose from: the second Monday or third Monday in February.

As a resort that gets busy during holiday periods, we're encouraging our fans, customers and guests to choose the second Monday of February. Why?

The reason is simple: it's all to do with numbers, well, numbers of people that is. The third Monday in February is already a Family Day for 5 other provinces in Canada which includes Alberta and Ontario. Add to this Presidents Day in the USA and guess what? You have a very busy week (read: packed with people) at resorts, airports, bus and ferry terminals, and just about everything else in between during and around that third Monday in February.

Akin to everybody taking Christmas holidays off- and we all know how easy it is to travel then (please note sarcastic tone)- we would prefer to see the families of BC take a holiday when there isn't a crush of people doing the same thing. Accommodations would be easier to secure, lineups would be shorter, and the list goes on.

So if you agree with our reasoning, please voice your support and vote for the second Monday in February and encourage your friends and family members to do the same. Either way, we appreciate the fact that the government is looking for feedback before making the decision...yeah democracy!

vote for family day

To have your voice heard and to choose the second Monday (our preferred choice) for BC Family Day, visit

The site is active from May 8-22 so please vote before May 22! People can also share their thoughts on Facebook or Twitter using: #mybcfd


Thanks for reading and happy decision making for your BC Family Day!