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Mount Washington Blog Post

Erik Clevering

Erik Clevering is a typical Dutch boy with blond hair and a terrible accent. He arrived on Vancouver Island at the end of July. His mission is to leave the Island with his Bachelor degree in Sport, Management and Business and a CASI 2 snowboard instructor certificate. But Erik wouldn't be Erik if things didn't change dramatically....

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Mount Washington Blog Post

Gillian Clayton

Gillian is a marathon runner turned professional triathlete who just won Ironman Canada 2012. She grew up skiing Mount Washington, & 20+ years later, she's still here! With a heavy training schedule for triathlon, Gillian finally learned that cross country skiing is the best workout a triathlete can find for the winter, & she fell in love with it. On epic powder days, you'll find her on the Boom chair.

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Sheila Rivers

Sheila Rivers came to the Comox Valley in 2011 via Banff. Being a Rockies snow snob, Sheila learned like the rest of us that the best and most plentiful snow is right here on the Island. She plays in the mountains with her husband and baby girl, who will soon be one of the many mountain rippers who is well under the age of 5!

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Miguel Strother

Miguel Strother has travelled from the palaces of Russia to the temples of Japan to the jungles of Indonesia and back again, writing and publishing all the while. He came to Mount Washington on assignment in 2007, tore some turns on Sunrise and, convinced he’d found Paradise, moved to the Comox Valley shortly thereafter.

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Mount Washington Blog Post

Sterling Todd Keys

Sterling Todd Keys, a former Albertan, now finds himself residing in the heart of the Comox Valley and within a stone’s throw of one of Canada’s deepest snowpacks. A habitual photographer and writer by nature, he's currently a member of the Pro Ski Patrol at Mount Washington Alpine Resort.

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Eugene Chung

Eugene Chung, Fearless Leader of the Ozone Tube Park, likes to ride stuff on stuff all over the mountain. Eug lives for winter and hibernates through the warm summer months. His favourite view is of trees whipping by. Eug is one of the more memorable personalities on Mount Washington, if you meet him, you won't forget him. If you think he's normal, ask to see his season pass photo collection. That pretty well sums it up!

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