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Mount Washington Private Accommodations

Unavailable Unavailable - Unavailable

Last Updated: Unavailable





Weekday: Unavailable
Weekend: Unavailable
Summer: Unavailable
Weekly: Unavailable
Holiday: Unavailable


Minimum Booking: Unavailable
Check in: Unavailable
Check out: Unavailable
Pets: Unavailable
Smoking: Unavailable


This property may also be rented as: Unavailable
Booking special: Unavailable
Booking notes: Unavailable


Bedrooms: Unavailable
Bathrooms: Unavailable
Sleeps max: Unavailable
King beds: Unavailable
Queen beds: Unavailable
Double beds: Unavailable
Bunk beds: Unavailable
Single beds: Unavailable
Other beds: Unavailable

Builing Information

  • Reserved parking: Unavailable
  • Parking area: Unavailable
  • Access: Unavailable
  • Wheelchair access: Unavailable
  • Stories: Unavailable


  • Square footage: 
  • Orientation: Unavailable
  • Ski in/Ski out: Unavailable
  • Closest lodge: Unavailable
  • Closest lift: Unavailable
  • Bike storage: No
  • Wet storage: No

Kitchen & Laundry

  • Full kitchen: Unavailable
  • Kitchenette: Unavailable
  • Dishwasher: No
  • Garborator: No
  • Ice maker: No
  • Coffee maker: No


  • Cleaning: Unavailable
  • Microwave: No
  • Grill/BBQ: No
  • Linen: Unavailable
  • Laundry: Unavailable


  • TV: No
  • DVD player: No
  • VCR: No
  • Stereo: No
  • CD player: No


  • Sleds/Tobogans: No
  • Cablevision: No
  • Internet: Unavailable
  • Games: Unavailable
  • Exercise Equipment: Unavailable


  • In unit Hot Tub: No
  • Common Hot Tub: No
  • In Unit Sauna: No
  • Common Sauna: No
  • Jacuzzi: No
  • Balcony: Unavailable
  • Pool: Unavailable


  • Fireplace: Unavailable
  • Wood Stove: No
  • Wood Supplied: No
  • Heat Type: Unavailable
  • Air Conditioning: No
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