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Principle #5: Fish and Wildlife

We operate within a larger ecosystem and should strive to be stewards of fish and wildlife habitats. We need the cooperation of other landowners, managers, local communities and other stakeholders for an effective ecosystem management approach. There are measures we can take to better understand, minimize, and mitigate impacts to fish and wildlife, and in some cases, enhance habitat, particularly for species of concern. The benefits of these measures include promoting biodiversity and the natural systems that attract guests to the mountain landscape.


  • Minimize impacts to fish and wildlife and their habitat and maintain or improve habitat where possible

Options for getting there:

  • Supporting and participating in research of fish and wildlife populations and their interactions with the resort
  • Taking Inventory and monitoring fish and wildlife and their habitat, particularly protected species
  • Using storage ponds or reservoirs to store water for use during times of low stream flows to help protect aquatic habitat
  • Conducting activities and construction with sensitivity to seasonal wildlife patterns and behavior
  • Siting and designing trails and facilities to include gladed skiing areas, linkage of ungladed areas to maintain blocks of forested corridors and inter-trail islands to reduce fragmentation where appropriate
  • Limiting access to, or setting aside, certain wildlife habitat areas
  • Using wildlife-proof dumpsters or trash containers
  • Creating or restoring habitat where appropriate, either on- or off-site
  • Using land conservation techniques such as land exchanges and conservation easements as vehicles for consolidating or protecting important wildlife habitat
  • Participating in ecosystem-wide approaches to wildlife management
  • Providing wildlife education programs for employees, guests, and the local community such as the Leave No Trace™ Principles of respecting wildlife.