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Conservation and Waste Management

Principle #4: Conservation and Waste Management

The Principles below incorporate the "REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE" philosophy of waste management to help ensure materials are being used efficiently and disposed of only after consideration is given to reusing or recycling them. Reducing waste helps protect natural resources, reduce pollution, greenhouse gases and energy use by decreasing the need to produce new materials, and minimizes disposal costs.

Waste Reduction


  • Reduce waste produced at our resort

Options for getting there:

  • Conducting an audit of waste production to establish a baseline and track progress toward reduction
  • Purchasing recycled products
  • Purchasing products in bulk to minimize unnecessary packaging
  • Encouraging vendors to offer "take-backs" for used products
  • Educating guests and employees about reducing wastes generated at the area and following the Leave No Trace™ Principles such as "pack it in, pack it out"

Product Reuse


  • Reuse products and materials where possible

Options for getting there:

  • Using washable or compostable tableware/silverware in cafeterias and lodges
  • Encouraging guests to reuse trail maps
  • Composting food wastes, grass clippings, and woody debris for use in landscaping and revegetation areas
  • Exploring opportunities for reusing products (e.g., building materials, lift parts and equipment, and office supplies)



  • Increase the amount of materials recycled where possible

Options for getting there:

  • Making recycling easy for guests by offering containers and displaying signage in facilities and lodges
  • Recycling office paper, cardboard, newspaper, aluminum, glass, plastic and food service waste
  • Recycling building materials as an alternative to landfill
  • Encouraging vendors to offer recycled products for purchase
  • Educating guests and training employees on recycling practices
  • Setting purchasing specifications to favor recycled content and specifying a portion of new construction to require recycled content

Potentially Hazardous Wastes


  • Minimize the use of potentially hazardous materials, the generation of potentially hazardous wastes
    and the risk of them entering the environment

Options for getting there:

  • Safely storing and disposing of potentially hazardous materials such as solvents, cleaning materials, pesticides and paints
  • Recycling waste products such as used motor oil, electric batteries, tires and unused solvents
  • Reshelving and reusing partially used containers of paint, solvents, and other materials
  • Purchasing non-hazardous products for use when effective
  • Properly managing fuel storage and handling
  • Maintaining or upgrading equipment to prevent leaks
  • Initiating programs to reduce the occurrence of accidental spills or releases
  • Installing sedimentation traps in parking lots
  • Educating employees on the requirements for properly handling hazardous wastes
  • Reclaiming spent solvents

Principle #4: Conservation and Waste Management

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