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Mount Washington Blog PostSix years ago, I would have been ecstatic to get a double digit number for the amount of days that I got to ski in the mountains. Being from Edmonton, weekend-warrior trips were often planned the week of. Concerns of the snow expected to fall were backseat to our need to get get back into the mountains again. Come Saturday, rain, shine, blizzard, or whatnot, we'd be on the road to the mountains at 5:00 AM and driving home at 5:00 PM. Out of the countless number of trips made like this, there was never a regret. We never came home unhappy or unfulfilled. Being in the mountains was almost a second nature and an escape from the every day life of the toil and broil in Edmonton.


Historically, January is a "dryer" month for Mount Washington with lower precipitation and blue skies being the norm for the first month of the year. And until the third week of January, with the last big snowfalls happening over three weeks ago, it's easy to get lost in the haze of bluebird skies and influx of Vitamin D that has graced the mountain. Along with the temperature inversion that the Comox Valley experienced over the last little while, spring like conditions embraced the mountain and carving skis popped up left, right and centre. With all of the sun sticking around in January, it was easy to forget that just a month ago we were experiencing some of the best snow conditions that we have seen in a long while.


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