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Mount Washington Blog PostOk mountain people, because it is the holidays, let"s indulge in some exultation: The biggest snow pack of any resort in the world in our sights...again! Hallelujah Mo Wash!!!

In our family, like many others, Christmas Eve comes with its traditions. We all get together, load into church pews and sing new-fangled Christmas carols. It's not exactly the Monster party at the X-Games, but I like laughing at the kids bursting at the seams, their voices layering over the top of the seriousness of Latin incantation; "pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum," mixed with, "Mom, do you really think Santa will bring me a miniskirt Barbie?" But I don"t get that much from it spiritually. I am no atheist, quite the opposite in fact, I just tend to find my epiphanies in less likely places than church on Christmas Eve. However, I always look for them this time of season. As such, I grabbed the kids a few hours in advance of church, loaded into the wagon and made the trip up to Mount Washington in search of new traditions. Turns out I wasn"t the only one worshiping at the powder pew.

As it often is in early winter on Vancouver Island, life at sea level was pretty grey Christmas Eve day. But I had a feeling that might not be the case up on the hill. Man, was I right; perfect, bluebird skies with literally hundreds of centimeters of fresh white sparkling bright as a star over Bethlehem. Climate change, a blessing from the big man, or just plain old good luck, there is already a season full of snow for most hills up on Mount Washington at the moment and we're just getting started. I didn"t have my boards in tow, just little ones hoping for nothing more than a mixed dose of snow angels and hot chocolate. As we sat together outside soaking in the sun, we saw snow stuck on eyebrows, caked over ear-to-ear smiles and thought bubbles above every head reading "thank you". And without a single turn, I had all the info I needed to know about Mount Washington"s skiing conditions this holiday season. Absolutely perfect.

The fact is, you don"t just have to love the rush of floating through the snow and trees off Boomerang to get off on the energy over the holidays on Mount Washington. From Bobs and Lolo and chocolate fondue on New Year"s Eve, to rockin" some pops and bustin" moves with the Steadies at Fat Teddies , to, well, even a church service, there is plenty up top to make just about anybody thankful, and Christmas Eve was a perfect example. We just made the quick drive from the cloudy Comox Valley, walked around, sipping hot drinks and reveling in blue and white wonder. There were nothing but laughs and smiles and talk of Santa and the incredible on-mountain adventures waiting for us this year; a perfect place to tell the ones I care for most just how much I love them and quietly, staring into the deep blue of Strathcona Park, thank God for this incredible place to bring them up.