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Mount Washington Blog PostI always get a kick out of bringing newbies up to Mount Washington, especially if they are from out of the country.

We are fortunate enough to be able to host people from around the world in our Comox Valley home on a regular basis, mostly through school exchange programs. Japanese, Chinese, Nigerian, German; many have never been to a ski hill before, and none of them have experienced the out-of-world beauty of Mount Washington and Vancouver Island.

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Mount Washington Blog PostDo you have the goggles? How about the gloves? Can we JUST keep the passes in the same place PLEASE!?!?
Ready to go?
It's 8:45 and we have to be there by 9:15. I REALLY wanted to get a coffee. Damn it! We're gonna be late!
Don't drive so fast.
Here's your coffee. I hope I didn't put too much sugar in it?
I'm cold!
It's perfect
My boots are too tight!
I'll drop you guys off up front and then meet you at Ski School after I park.
I can't walk any more!
You guys excited?

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