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Mount Washington Blog PostDo you remember that day? When you started from scratch with something new? The day where you were thinking "Is this really the best decision of my life?!"

On Monday the 7th of January I started with the Section 8 Snowsport Leadership Program at Mount Washington Alpine Resort and believe me I asked that question to myself a bunch of times that week!

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"Mom I have a problem, I think Vancouver Island is my new home"

Mount Washington Blog PostI'm sure you have been in a situation at some point, where you say enthusiastically: "Yeah I can do that!" and afterwards you think: "Hmmm, why did I say that?!"

My journey started on the 31st of January in the Netherlands, as I left the Dutch winter for an exchange program with the University of Newcastle in sunny Australia. While living the Australian life of surfing and barbeques. I met a couple of Canadians. They told me that if I wanted to combine all kinds of adventure and action sports, then Vancouver Island would be the ideal playground.

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